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How Does Clothing Affect Our Sense Of Self?

There’s no question that getting around in nice clothes has a positive effect on us. When we’re looking good, we tend to be comfortable in our own skin and tend to think positively about ourselves. The power of positive thinking in defining the way we perceive the world around us should not be underestimated, and research has shown that clothing is closely linked to things like confidence, self-esteem and our overall sense of self. There are many different factors that can play into our happiness, but let’s take a closely look at the effect clothing can have.

What Clothing Says About Us
Whether consciously or subconsciously, we consider other people’s clothing when making assessments of them or measuring them up. They are used as signals in regards to status, wealth and social class. We naturally make assumptions about people according to their appearance, and this helps us define our own social status and where we fit in. We tend to make choices about clothing according to our posit…

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