How to Decorate a Boutique For Plus Size Clothing

If you have been disappointed by the range of plus size clothing out there, then you are not alone. Whilst many new stores are popping up online to offer a range of plus size clothing for the curvier woman, there are still far too few real high street plus size boutiques and clothing stores to choose from. If you’re thinking of filling this niche, there are a couple of things to take into account.

One of the first things you will need to realise before you undertake your boutique clothing business is how the clothes and products and accessories are going to be produced. If you are handy with a needle and thread and know a few things about fashion and what it takes to create a boutique line of fashion items and accessories, then you could go down that route with some success.

Many people start their clothing stores with the idea of creating every item of clothing for the store. Whilst this works for very high end fashion boutiques, it can mean that you spend all of your time, plus overtime creating the specific looks that you require.

Careful with your sizing ranges

This also means that the creations you make must fit in with a specific size range, and for a plus size clothing store, this can be a little difficult to judge.

Many other start-up clothing retailers look for other clothing wholesalers and manufacturers to produce the clothing and for the store to simply buy the items and sell them with a reasonable profit margin. This can actually be done quicker than ever thanks to the huge range of suppliers in China, India and Indonesia that are online businesses ready and waiting to take your orders.

In these instances, it can be harder to find the exact range of clothing you need to suit your idea of the latest fashions and trends as some of the suppliers could be behind trend on many of the items that they are offering you. Another approach to take with suppliers is to forge a working relationship that takes into account your designs for clothing, creating your own brand and range to go with it.

Shop ‘till you drop

Once you have set up your suppliers and have a good plan for the type of clothing you will sell and for what price, the next stage involves the place you will sell them in. The plus size clothing store you will create will satisfy a niche, so run with it and the other ways to sell items that already exist and work for other companies.

If you cater to your audience really well, your shop will be popular. Stocking a range of clothing that caters for a wide range of sizes is a good way to cater to your customers. Note the sizes that other shops in the area stock and try to offer something they do not to help your customers find you pick your products over the competition.

Furnishing and decorating your shop for plus size women the right way will also go a long way in letting your customers know that they are valued. Large, opulent surroundings, dressing rooms and aisles will help to make everyone feel welcome, flattering lighting and mirrors will go a long way in helping your customers decide which item to purchase to make the sale!

Furnish with comfort and privacy

Added extras such as having large comfy chairs in the dressing rooms instead of tiny flat benches will make everyone feel more at home. Be attentive but don’t hover and make sure you are there to help with sizing as it is the most important part of getting the clothes to look and feel right.

Having clothing ranges that have real sizes are also of great help to plus size women. Many stores have sizing ranges that vary depending on the brand in question, so purchasing or manufacturing all of your clothing that conforms to a true sizing range is a great bonus for any woman big or small.

Always keep a look out on some of the large China-based wholesale websites such as DH Gate or Alibaba to get the latest fashion trends at the lowest prices. If ordering large amounts of stock, you can generally get a discount per item in return.

Offer your customers what they want, but within reason. Budget well and offer the latest fashion trends for plus size women and you will have a success on your hands. The demand fierce, so why not create your own profitable company in the plus size clothing business and create a brand of your very own that caters to women of all sizes and all fashions.


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